Meet Emma

Emma McRoberts

Financial Advisor

“It’s pretty much in my DNA” is the easiest way Emma knows how to explain her exposure to this business. Emma has had the unique opportunity of seeing the long term impact a financial advisor can have on people and the business community. Her great-grandfather, grandfather, and father have all had a meaningful career working in financial services and taking care of their clients. “I saw this as a business where the heart of what we do comes down to taking great care of our clients”.

Emma grew up in a home where it was not unusual to have one of her dad’s clients seated at the family dinner table. One memorable night, Emma sat next to her father’s recently-widowed client. It occurred to Emma, as she was passing the sweet potato casserole, that there is immense responsibility placed on financial advisors to walk with their clients through life’s many challenges. Whether a client is going through peaceful times or weathering storms she learned from her Dad that financial planning is more than account values, but is truly about kindness, integrity and deep compassion.

People often say “it takes a village” to be successful in life. Emma chooses to not just work with her clients, but truly join their village. “I love nothing more than when a client calls me and tells me they are expecting a new baby, moving, getting married, etc. and want to update me so we can update their plan”. Through her family legacy, she can see the beauty of developing lifelong clients. She loves the idea of being intricately involved from the beginning of their career all the way through to a successful retirement.

Emma went to Wheaton College where she studied Interpersonal Communication and Business Economics and served as a leader in student government. She is a lover of all foods and enjoys exploring Indy’s booming restaurant scene. She is a huge Harry Potter fan, and continually re-reads J.K. Rowlings famous books. She attends Zionsville Presbyterian Church with her family and loves to travel.  Emma and her husband reside in Carmel, Indiana with their son, Henry.

it’s the way we treat people.

Our philosophy centers around a simple technique that starts with the planning process.
It’s not so much our process that makes us different,

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